💫 Parisian Museum Special Offer & Exhibition and Sorcery Quest (October 16, 2018)

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Mayors, the French Vinoble 🍇 is over and (we know) many of you are busy redesigning your French Corner 🗼🌂 How would you feel about adding a Parisian Museum? 🙋 Well, here is your opportunity! We hope you really like it! 😎🙊 Btw, you may notice a new quest popping up with the Parisian Museum ☝ It is simply a bonus for those who are most bored 😜

Be sure to check the 'Note' below 😉

🎁 Gives (every 8 hours):
  • 3000 💰 
  • 3 ⚡
  • 3 ⭐
  • 5-10 🌀 until October 20th, 15:00 UTC

🌀 stands for adhesive tapes needed for the Exhibition and Sorcery Quest. Yep, a new quest is waiting for you as well 😎 If you help Sophie with the organization of a modern exhibition, you will get a set of stunning rewards 👀👇

  • Launderette giving 500 💰 and 1 ⚡ (every 50 minutes)
  • Autumn bouquet 💐
  • Big Pumpkin 🎃
  • Venom bush 🌾

⚠ NoteIt's much easier to organize an exhibition if you have the Parisian Museum in your city. But it is still possible to make it even if you don't have this in your city. You can try your luck spinning the Wheel of Fortune or collecting some city sights (Neuesschweinstein Castle, Dracula's Castle, Indian Palace, London Clocks and Bumper Cars) 🙊 

📌 Required level
  • Parisian Museum Special Offer: level 5.
  • Exhibition and Sorcery Quest: level 15.

⏳ Both events will stop for everyone on October 20th, 15:00 UTC 💒

🔥🔥🔥 Have even more fun! Have a look at all our services:
👉 https://forums.playkot.com/en/discussion/134211/need-help 👈
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