SuperCity Mobile, v. 1.22.0 (October 29, 2018)

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😯😯😯 A new update just a dozen days after the previous one? 🤔 Why not, if it will fix issues that bother our players! 😊😎 So, what's new this time?
  • The app weighs less now ⚖️
  • Your ⛵ Yacht, 🌸🍴🌸 Hawaiian Restaurant and 🏄 Surf Station won't go into storage on their own anymore 😏
  • Crashes 🛠️ - when your game suddenly closes and you are back to your device's 📱 home screen - should be fixed now 🤩 (if they are not, please contact our Support Team ASAP). 
  • The ▶ tooltip ◀ for the items dropping from the 🍣 Sushi Bar, 🍕 Pizza House, and 🍲Family Restaurant won't show you the special offer 👀 but the relevant building ☝
  • 🏡 Buildings won't 'work' if they are not connected to the road 🙃 (we know you liked it, but... the rules are the rules! 🤭 happy though you had enjoyed this little bug😜)
And of course, lots of new 👯 stories, 🏯 buildings and 🌷 decorations are waiting for you! In November we'll celebrate 🦃 Thanksgiving Day, go to India, China, and Japan to enjoy their holidays and try your luck playing Scratchcards! Stay tuned 😽❤


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