[Dev News] Issue 1. Test Station Coming Soon!

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Commanders! We bet someone’s been waiting for updates?

You must’ve heard the rumors about some new troop abilities instead of new units... It’s time to break the covers: starting from today, we begin to uncover what the team has been working on for the past few months 🔥🤘🏻

Soon in Tropic Storm, a brand new object will appear — a Test Station that brings you new ways to diversify and brighten the battles.

⚡So what is the Test Station? ⚡

Test Station gives you access to the newest engineering researches:

🌀 abilities that increase the stats of your troops: GI Jack, Sgt. Dozer, Rockit, Machete, Tank, and Medic, altogether six, one ability for each in the first release (more to come in the future updates!);

🌀 4 for the Destroyer’s advanced abilities to protect, reinforce, and speed up troops;

🌀 4 for temporary but powerful defenses to protect your base.

You will need new Materials to produce advanced technologies: Dynamite, Mechanisms, and Reagents.

🎁 Two new rewards type will be added: Force Containers and Test Crates

🎁 Force Containers contain mechanisms, reagents, and dynamite, required for Test Station technologies. These Forse Containers will be obtained through Strike Group Battles, liberating other player’s and Cartel islands and completing the O’Skull and De Muerte bases, exchanging patches at the Smuggler’s.

🎁 Test Crates are the ones that contain special Components to improve the class of new troop abilities, Destroyer spells, and new base Defense made in Test Station.

Also, some more changes on your personal base are coming. Any theories on what could it be? Share your own guess in the comments on this post!

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