My Base was increased! Why?

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More development news, Commander!

Along with the Test Station, you will be able to install up to 4, and later even up to 6 new Base Defenses! Meanwhile, many of you have told us that there are almost no free squares for new defense on a personal base. Also, the Defenses standing too close to each other are an easy target for enemy Salvos and Shells!

Therefore, your island was increased slightly so that even more defensive structures can be placed! This is good news for those who are tired of playing tag, rearranging the buildings from place to place, and for those who wanted the trees to appear back again :)

On the other hand, the protection scheme of your island might have to be revised due to island size changes. But here's a bright side: you can hide the mines, huge mines, guns and cannons behind the trees and bushes.

Make sure to take advantage of it! Also, at some point, we will probably add even more regular defense structures available in the buildings store to keep your defense proof!

Remember that trees do not grow back again.

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