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Juli KirklandJuli Kirkland Juli KirklandComments: 45 Moderator
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Hey guys !! I see so many requests for team members to join a certain group . The best ones I have seen are from Joe Smith  at Band of Bastards :)) I have invited him over today to share some of his creativity and get your posts noticed .. Please feel free to discuss with him what may or may work better for your team :) 
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  • joe1284joe1284 joe1284Comments: 5
    Thank You Julie, don't know it all and most of the time I think I know very little, I will be happy to help anyone the best I can and explain what I do and why
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  • Paul FonderPaul Fonder Paul FonderComments: 11 Moderator
    I have always found it helpful to talk with different players all across the game about a possible recruit for our team. As a player moves up in ranking he or she develops a reputation for either skilled fair play or a reputation for being hard to deal with in a team situation. Reputations are most important for me in finding a new team member.
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  • joe1284joe1284 joe1284Comments: 5
    I do an ad that is catchy, we have a team member that is professional with them, mine not so much, which is ok because its gets attention, if someone gets interested I chat them up to see if they are a potential fit. If they are I run it by my team, I get some ideas from old black light posters, old men's adventure magazines, album covers etc. I cut and paste our logo and add a word block, pulled some good ones like that.
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  • kate_alkate_al Freshly on the board kate_alComments: 64 Community Manager
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    Thanks, guys, and lady! :wink:

    I was thinking about what makes your recruiting thread look good and magnetizing, so there are a few tips based on things that I see in most good recruitment posts.

    1. Make a clear and easy-to-read header for your thread that contains Strike Group name & level + newcomers level requirements.

    So the bad header looks like:
    We're hiring!
    Looking for players!

    And a good example would be:
    Archipelago Pumpkins lvl 12! Daily active players 50+ lvl needed!
    2. It is a good idea to provide relevant information about your Strike Group. For instance:
    • Name and level of your Strike Group, of course.
    • Players levels
    • How many vacancies are currently open in your Strike Group
    • What do you expect from a player (buffs, level, amount of ranking points, the amount of liberium you want him or her to collect for your Battleship, should he or she be well-known in the community? how active he must be. You can even tell what level and class of offense/defense a player needs to have, it's legal! :D)
    Also, a good idea is to describe your activity: are you active during Volcano siege, too? Are you on the leaderboard? What else is important for you as a team: daily chat activity and fun conversations? Is the sense of humor or being a cat-person important? It will make your post more personal, therefore, will probably attract the right person you're looking for. Keep it simple and put important information first to make it easy to read. For example:
    Strike Group name Archipelago Pumpkins, level 12.
    Volcano ranking: TOP 150

    We are looking for 2 more players!

    Level 50
    80% defense boosts for battles
    900+ ranking points
    4000+ Liberium per 2 weeks
    Maxed offense for your level
    Must be available in chat
    Volcano siege activity is required
    Halloween Pumpkin carving is a must, in-group contests yearly! 
    3. Use a picture of your Strike Group menu and Battleship.
    Putting a picture on your thread affects your recruitment greatly!
    It helps other commanders to find your Strike Group based on your Strike Group’s shield picture and provides other valuable information.
    Cheers! Kate.
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  • kate_alkate_al Freshly on the board kate_alComments: 64 Community Manager
    If I missed anything, feel free to add it below!
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  • joe1284joe1284 joe1284Comments: 5
    this is a good simple one
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  • joe1284joe1284 joe1284Comments: 5
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  • got kicked off group for no reason strike group one under dean

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  • Juli KirklandJuli Kirkland Juli KirklandComments: 45 Moderator
    Martin there is a feed on community wall to find a strike group .. many players find good teams there and an easy spot to get the leader of the groups contact so you can discuss if the team will be a good fit for you :)) There are so many good teams out there , wishing you all the best of luck 

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  • Martin you got relieved of your duties as you were not active,and missed battles,and not once did you add anything to the ship
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  • Strommers - Level 7 battleship needs some active players ... 
    We are a growing group if u have patience and quality to build up a team. Join us

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