✍HOW TO FIND YOUR USER ID and tips before writing to SUPPORT FOR HELP✍

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To find your user id all you need to do is look under the neighbor bar. This is what you need to either copy and paste or write down for when you write to support.  Have a look at the screenshot below to see where the USER ID is located :) 

Support can't look at your account without this. It is very important when you write a ticket to support that you give as much detail as possible when you write. If you don't give as much information as you can then it will take longer to get the help you need as we will have to email you back and ask you more questions, then wait for your reply and then we can check your account if you then gave us enough information. 

So the more information you can give when you first write to support than the faster you will get resolution :) 

If you are contacting support about items not counting towards a quest: We need to know what quest exactly are you working on, What step of the quest, what building you are clicking on to get the item needed for the quest, what item exactly you are supposed to get from the building. 

If you are having loading issues: Please go here and do ALL of these steps first before writing a ticket 
1) https://playkot.helpshift.com/a/supercity/?s=troubleshooting
2) Make sure you have updated your computer system.
3) Make sure you have updated your browser such as chrome, etc.
4) Make sure you have updated Flash 

Have you tried on another browser? Or are you using the Facebook GameRoom, perhaps?

If you use Google Chrome :
it’s not working anymore please try on the Facebook GameRoom or Microsoft Edge/Mozilla, but the GameRoom is the first choice.

If you use Puffin:

Unfortunately, the Facebook version of Supercity is not meant to run on mobile devices, this is why we have released the mobile version of Supercity. 

If you use Safari:
 and it works bad, try on Google Chrome or Firefox (many users say Firefox will work for them)

 Does the device you are using have the correct requirements?:

Minimum requirements: 
- 2 GHz processor,
- 4 Gb RAM,
- GPU with Stage 3D support.

Recommended requirements (perfect game performance guaranteed):
- 3 GHz processor,
- 16 Gb RAM,
- GPU with Stage 3D support.

 In case nothing works, try the incognito mode of the browser, for some, this actually helps

If you are having Flash issues please go here and follow the instructions:  https://playkot.helpshift.com/a/supercity/?s=flash-player-instructions

Many questions you may have you can find in the HELP CENTER tab at the top of your game so please check there first as well :) 

Are you missing a decor item or a building? Please try using the new Search tool we have added to the neighbor bar first before writing to support. 

It is very simple to use: Click on the search tool, type in the name of the item or building you are looking for then click on the show button and it will show you where the item (s) are in your city and in your storage. 


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