SuperCity Mobile, v. 1.23.0 (December 10, 2018 ~ SuperCity Mobile)

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'Tis almost the season, Mayor! 🎄 Winter is floating ever closer to SuperCity, join your citizens in getting ready for ❄ a bit of cold weather and 🎉 a lot of fun! 
We know, you are excited to learn what the 🎅 1.23 version 🎅 has brought with it! Let's go!

🎅 Christmas Mood (Halloween is officially over 😆)
  • Magic Music and Snow Fall (can be turned on|off via the Settings).
  • Snowy roads, paths, and sidewalks at the Shop.
  • Snow Areas all over your city.

🛠️ Fixes to the most frequent issues 
  • The app takes 2 times less space so it should work quite smoothly - without lags and freezes - even if you have only 1 GB of RAM memory.
  • You can now remove ALL the obstacles on the expansions added in October.
  • All the gifts when you awaken neighbours are now added to your Inventory.

😻 Visual Improvements
  • Cargo Port, College and University redesigned to let you plan multiple productions.
  • Progress Bar redesigned - now you will know for sure whether your game loads or sticks. Any feedback is welcome!
  • Missing Decorations and People are back, all the decorations can be turned with no harm to animation (and yes! Baby Zilla is again alive!)  

🏡 New Content
  • 2 new Production units - prepare some Christmas cuties for your citizens!
  • New residence - Gingerbread House!
  • New - winter style - roads & decorations!

And of course amazing Christmas events, new stories and a lot of fun 🎊 Merry Christmas, Mayor! 🎅 🎄 


⚠⚠⚠ If you still experience the issues that are supposed to be fixed, please contact our support team ASAP:

PS 'I don't have this update, why?'
- If you are an iOS player, please try the following: open the Updates tab at the App Store, find our game in the list and press the update button.
- If it doesn't help or you are an Android player, please wait - the update doesn't appear in all the countries at the same time (it depends on the Stores and unfortunately, we can do nothing about this).


⛄⛄⛄ Have even more fun! Have a look at all our services:

👉 👈

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