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Gaining resources can be maddening for some, as upgrades ensure the success of our games. I'm going to give some insight on the best practices on looting! Let your game rest after you have cleared all of your cartels and bases that can be taken out! Cartels are especially important... Please ensure you have cleared every cartel island prior to logging off your map for the day, this will give you a proper load of new cartels to remove after hours being off the game. How long you stay off the game is up to you but from my point of view, it takes a good 6-8 hours to get a fully loaded map again. Trust me when I tell you this refreshing over and over is not your friend! Neither is using an auto refresh as this will just get you a potential ban and all you will gain is stripes which are primarily worthless in this game other than bragging rights!

After clearing your map you will notice an imbalance on gold/ wood to oil and steel ratio depending on your level that's because oil and steel are commodities in the game and are not meant to be given in an abundance. If you do not gain all the oil or steel you will need for the upgrade you are wanting you can turn on even 20% gear to defend that while you wait to play again. Your uranium weapons can be turned on as well then again turned off by canceling the charge on each one after you have gained the necessary resources. Don't be afraid to get your base raided, If you follow the simple steps above what will be taken from you in a few attacks can be gained back once your map is reloaded.

Make sure that all of your storages on your base are fully upgraded to your level. This will give you the most resources possible when your maps are loaded, and by changing out your players when you can they will be exchanged with players who hold more resources. There are plenty of resources on your maps to do upgrades in one day and at the most 2 days, Pablo is also another of my favorite go-to guys for this. You will be offered on occasion to trade patches for these commodities as well as other items.

Demuertes and O'Skull islands are another good place for resourcing larger commodities If you havent completed them yet there is so much to be gained from these bad boys.

Lastly Volcano offers a really nice supply of resources! 

Good luck to all of you and happy hunting :) 
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