New resources for the Test Station: Dynamite, Mechanisms, and Reagent!

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Commander, there are new resources for the Test Station! Read below to learn what these resources are and what they are needed for.

Meet Dynamite, Mechanisms, and Reagent — these are special and rare test materials that are used to produce new technologies in Test Station: activate new troop abilities, Destroyer’s advanced capabilities, and create the Defense Generators!

Where can I get new resources?

Dynamite, Reagent, and Mechanisms can be obtained from special Force Containers:

There are 6 types of them: Small one, Basic, Reinforced, Titanium, Wolfram Container, and Golden Container.

The first batch of free resources will be given to you during the tutorial scenario for the Test Station, which will automatically start when you first enter the game after launching the update.
NOTE: New resources cannot be stored if the Test Station has not been built.
How do I get these?

Force Containers are a new unique type of rewards. There are several ways to get them:
  • through Strike Battles;
  • for completing O’Skull and De Muerte bases;
  • as a reward for the liberation of other players ' islands and for fighting regular Cartel bases;
  • in exchange for patches at the Smuggler's;
  • buying them in the Force Containers Store.
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