How to upgrade new Technologies? [New Crates!]

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Of course, Test Station's technologies are upgradable! But how?

Given: The advanced Destroyer's capabilities, new troop abilities, and Defense Generators.
Q: How to upgrade their performance?
A: Use the Components, of course!
For each type of troops, each advanced capability of the Destroyer and each Defense Generator has its own type of Components.
The higher the ability or Defense Generator's class, the stronger the effect!

The Components can be found in the new Test Crates:
A Test Crate can be found as a reward for a Volcano Siege or bought on a special sale.
In addition, Components can be found at the Smuggler's Pablo in exchange for stripes.
The content of the chest is not known in advance, as the type of Component is determined based on your access to the ability. The larger the size of the Test Crate, the more types of Components it has!
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