New Destroyer’s Advanced Abilities and How to use them!

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Commanders, let's talk about the advanced Destroyer spells!
All the Advanced abilities are available in Test Station and are upgradable:

So the Destroyer is about to have 4 new capabilities:

Speed Boost is giving your troops extra moving speed! Available in Test Station level 1.

Battle Rage 
— for a few seconds increases the attack damage of your troops by 20% within the range of the spell. Available in Test Station level 4.

— removes slowing effects, burning and freezing in the radius of action of neutralizing spell for a limited time. A technological miracle! Available in Test Station level 6.

Use these three combat abilities by throwing it right on your troops!

Synthesized Energy is a passive upgradable capability that increases the supply of Synthesized Energy used for launching the Destroyer’s Advanced Abilities. Keep in mind that the Destroyer needs an ongoing charge.

Synthesized Energy is required to use the Advanced Destroyer spells in battle. Charge the Destroyer with Synthesized Energy by using Mechanisms, Dynamite, and Reagent. The charge will last 8 hours. After this time, the Destroyer must be re-charged to continue using advanced spells in combat. 
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