[new] Update: Medics, and Uranium & Liberium boosters

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Good news, everyone! There's an update in Tropic Storm which includes the following changes:

⚖ Medic's weight was reduced by 1 unit.

This is one of the community's suggestions, and today its time has come! Now the weight of a single Medic is 4 units so that the Landing Craft fits as many Medics as Sgt. Dozers!

We expect that this change will strengthen a little attack for anyone playing combat bundles with these Pacific squads!

🔓 Medic's 'Immune Stimulators' ability is now available earlier—at the 7th level of the Test Station!

🔼 Increased chance of obtaining Uranium and Liberium multipliers from Force Containers.

While working on the update, we noticed your signals about having a hard time getting Uranium and Liberium gears. We traced the dynamics of the drop and decided to increase the chances.

Note that the Battleship Gear can now be found in Force Containers, starting with the Reinforced one (that is, in any of them but Basic and Small). These containers can be obtained for attacks in Battles, for successful attacks on fellow Commanders' islands and Cartel bases, as well as, with some chance, for defeating Cartel Bosses.

🆙 Added new visual upgrades to Sawmill, Foundry, and Oil Well.

🐞 Fixed some minor bugs.

Let us know what you think about the update! Share your impressions below in the comments section!

And don't forget to refresh the game page for the changes to take effect! apps.facebook.com/tropicstorm

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