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Google Chrome users, we have wonderful news for you!🤩 Are you Tired of having to manually enable Flash Player every time after you close the browser or restart your device? Now there's a permanent solution to this trouble!

Our team has created an official Chrome extension that will put an end to the constant enable pop-ups from Flash Player. Install the extension, give a one-time permission to use Flash and from then on the extension will handle all Flash pop-ups. Free to use, virus-free and malware-free, guaranteed!

To install the extension, follow this link to the Google Chrome store:…/cminidmmkpakigcoaccpoocgmdfhbjdk

Note: since the extension is new in the store, you may not find it by searching its name in the store yet, so the easiest way, for now, is to follow the link.

If you like our extension, don't forget to write a review and leave a nice rating in the Chrome store😉

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