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🌟🌟🌟 Mayors, welcome to SuperCity Super Forum - a perfect place to stay tuned 📢 and have fun 😍
Our forum consists of 5 sections, all of which include multiple discussions. Here is a quick guide for our forum:

👫 Super Chats - including Add Me Board, Hints and Tips and other useful chats - find neighbours, help new players, share suggestions and discuss anything about the game!

🛠️ Help and Support - containing all the useful links - join our communities and fan groups, search for answers or contact our Support Team! 

🏡 Super Quests - stay tuned with our new quests, special events and other in-game news! 

📢 Super Updates - be the first to know which quests, features and improvements will appear with each update! 

📅 Super News (you are currently at this section) - take part in contests, read Q&A with the devs, learn more about ongoing quests, our Instagram and Facebook activities, SuperCity and its heroes! 

Enjoy! And don't forget to read our 📋 Community Rules:
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