Volcanic Connections !!

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Playkot is aware of the issues with lost attacks and are working to find a solution for this . I know how frustrating this can be to everyone and living in a technical world everything should seem like its an easy fix but the reality is nothing is perfect ! I have compiled a list of possible connection errors and hopefully some temporary fixes to get us all through this as painlessly as possible . Playkot shows no errors on their servers which means its an interfacing issue , where this breakdown is happening no one really knows for sure . While they are busy on their end lets get busy on ours if you all do not mind . 

 The main cause of comm errors on volcano is when a player will refresh at the end of their attack either to speed things along or to spare their troops from being blown up as they retreat back to the landing craft . If you are doing this please stop , This will result in lost attack as the game does not recognize this on volcano as it does when you are attacking bases on your map or on battleship and wish to save time . The result on volcano is lost attack and lost units . 

Make sure your browser and flash player are up to date and working in sync. Mine for instance needed a google update to a newer version which caused my shock wave to continuously crash on me . There is a link on your game page under your game screen Playkot has created to download in your system to keep these two working together . I know many are Leary of  being hacked by a link , I have been using this since the beginning and I still have the same computer :smiley:   

Set your game setting and graphics to a low setting . The graphics in the game use a higher resolution which takes more bandwidth to run , an unstable connection could lead to comm issues . This is in no way saying you have a cheap ISP . Isp's run through many different channels and towers before it actually finds a stable connection . In our day and age they are routed in crazy ways for your protection .

If your a google chrome user ( which I am ) Try downloading another browser . Many browsers out there that support facebook games that are google based without all the garbage that now comes with google chrome .. Opera for instance is a very good stable google based browser that is much better to game on , If any of you have a browser you enjoy please post this for others .

The general feedback so far has been the comm issues do not happen on game room and this may be another option to stabilize volcano ... Personally I do not care for gameroom because its too isolated from my chat , however I do believe this is facebooks preferred platform not for only tropic storm but for all of their games which means updates are always being done and is monitored with more care. If you could please comment the platform you play on now when you are getting these errors just to give the devs somewhere to focus their search :)  

Hang in there , be patient and lets all look forward to a solution soon :) 

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  • Juli KirklandJuli Kirkland Juli KirklandComments: 45 Moderator
    Update on possible connectivity issues for volcano **** Volcano is one event that is left intentionally open ended for players to be able to jump in and attack at any given time , meaning its not a queued in entry like we have on battleship battles. It would be impossible logistically to have this any other way as this is an event that is left up to the teams to structure and organize. That said there is a chance that 2 players can be on the volcano board at the same time which would mean 1 or both would be kicked off the volcano without registering an attack and results in loss of troops and no damage. This unfortunately is something that is only in control of by organization and communication between each individual group . This loss of attack has gone down tremendously since the conception of volcano as our teams begin to get organized for various reasons ( generally fighting ) My team suffers this same consequence when the failure to communicate begins. I would suggest to each team to discuss a strategy and have everyone check in chat prior to hitting volcano, I believe we will begin to see these numbers of lost attacks begin to diminish even further  .   
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