Test Station: How Things Work

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Since the release of the new Test Station, I have seen love ems and hate ems all over many of the Tropic Storm groups. I am going to try and simplify this for everyone as much as possible. The best possible way to learn this is to watch the attacks on your bases while your defenses are running and also during battles. It's almost like taking a walk down memory lane when we all first started and trying to figure out how a small handful of GI Jacks could penetrate the headquarters of the cartel bases!


There are 4 different defense towers that can be placed on your base. As you gain levels, in the Test Station you will be awarded platforms for your base. Level 1-8 of your Test Station gives you up to 3 platforms and either Sonic boomer, Smoke field generator and Heat field generator.

Level 9 will give you the 4th platform. Level 10 which requires HQ level 34 will give you a defense generator (by clicking on the I in the upper left you get a description of what each tower does on any weapon that is in its circle).

The placement and towers you choose are up to you. These towers can be bombed by another player, once removed it breaks the shield around the weapons they are defending.


Many new spells and new troop ability to even mention them all by name but again click the small I in the upper right-hand corner and you will be given a full description of each function. Enabling your Destroyer will open spells that are awarded based on your level of HQ under advanced abilities.

These new spells are fantastic and the reason they are referred to as spells is there is a separation of power between both Laboratory and Test Station.

Spells work on all troops to include Buggies.

Advanced Abilities for your troops

When enabled offers special abilities for all troops with the exception of Buggies as they have already the ability to run over mines. I am not the best player in the game but now have seen some amazing attacks on my base from players using different combinations of troops against my base and in battle. I really encourage all of you to step out of the box now and try different units together. Some of the combinations of troop attacks I am seeing now both in battle and in my attackers are brilliant! If any of you have a video to upload of a great attack stepping out of the tank-medic-buggy box I would love to see some posts here from you :) Strategy is a secret but our skills should be praised and shared :)    


This crate gives you materials to charge defense and offense to run your Test Station.


This type of crate gives you the cards you need for upgrading different aspects of your Test Station.

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  • dificil conseguir los materiales
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  • Juli KirklandJuli Kirkland Juli KirklandComments: 45 Moderator
    oh yes elisa I know :neutral:  There are many ways to get these items though the main one being in oskulls and demurtes . even after these are complete every 7 days you can attack them again for materials crates , also in battle now we receive the crates a small one for starting an island and larger ones are given for taking down a hq on a base . clearing your map also gives crates that are hidden within cartels and players bases . Remember though these are commodities and have to be used sparingly , how you bank them is up to you 
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