New players' guide to Tropic Storm

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This feed is designed as a pocketbook guide to getting started in the game. All questions and feedback from other players are welcomed here !! Beginning any game can be a process and sometimes an underlying sense of being overwhelmed and frustrated. The goal is to make the game more enjoyable for you as you grow in the tropic storm community! Welcome to the battlefield! 
When you begin the game your name will appear on the upper left of the screen, by hovering your mouse over your name you will see a drop down that gives you exp to level. Exp is given for every item you place on your base located in the shovel in the bottom on the bottom left. Headquarters and arsenal are your 2 most important builds in the game, to advance these you must meet exp goals, headquarter upgrades determine how many more guns you will receive to protect your base and also landing crafts to hold troops, headquarter level also determines your arsenal level to upgrade stronger troops and bombs, flares etc. 
Defense or offense? This has always been an open debate among players in the game, and I can tell you from experience offense is the way to go just starting out. although it's great to have a well-defended base, the defense does not bring the resources you need for viable upgrades nor does this help you win the battles against cartels on your map. Wars are simply just not won by leaving your big guns at home. 
Important upgrades and builds would be your headquarters, arsenal, landing craft (this determines how many troops you have to play with), satellite (gives you more targets to smash) strike port (enables you to join a team at level 8) foundry, oil, woodshed, and beach houses as they come available and of course your storage (storage is key to holding all of your needed resources to reach that next level of build). Defensive towers which you will learn placement to defend your headquarters as your progress in the game. Finally, your destroyer which stores the energy needed to utilize your bombs, flares, medic bags, etc :smile:
I'm going to run down a list of common questions and answers to get you started in the game. I really encourage you all to ask your own questions as for it's not only helpful to you but also to other players that are starting new to the game as well. 
Q. I have enough experience to upgrade my headquarters and arsenal, all of my resources are full but the game will not allow me to. Why?
A. You need to upgrade your storage and bunker to store the needed amounts for the upgrade. 
Q. I am bombing a base, then I can no longer use my arsenal weapons. What happened?
A. Your destroyer determines the amount of energy you have for attacks, for every upgrade of the destroyer you gain extra energy, The cost of energy for each item that is used from the destroyer goes up each time, Try to work with everything you have in your arsenal to avoid running out.
Q. I only have 4 targets on my map to gather resources from which is leaving me short on upgrades. How do I get more?
A. Upgrading your satellite on your base will give you the opportunity to upgrade using gold to open new areas 
Q. I lost ranking stripes and was not attacked. What is the purpose of stripes in the game?
A. Losing stripes to islands lost is a good thing really. When you lose stripes to this you can expect to see they have been exchanged with notes scattered throughout your map the next day. There is an achievement in your game for collecting certain milestones of stripes which will come eventually. Other than that stripes are bragging rights for most players was used as an old school way for recruiting active players, which has really gone obsolete. 
Q. I play on Gameroom and my daily gift is not there any longer.
A. The game room daily gift is a daily promotion valid only for 7 days, to entice players to play on game room. Every Friday there is a free crate given to all players on the community page :smile: As well as medals for special GO events that reward even bigger crates, these crates are awarded only for a set amount of time which will be posted on the feed.
Q. A base I tried to attack had rings around the guns. What are these for and how do I get them?
A. There are now 2 labs on your base that hold commodities in the game. One is stationary (the Test Station) and one is movable. The movable Laboratory holds gear parts that are collected during normal game play from your map. This lab holds pipes, composites and polymer in which you exchange for defensive or offensive boosts. They are of different value and hours they are usable for. The level of your lab determines how many can be used together, please be aware that 2 polymer cannot be used on the same gear being made. For instance, you cannot use two 80% walls at the same time or two 80% energy, its perfectly acceptable to use one 80 % and two 50% though as same with your 20% gear. There is another topic in the discussion about commodities in the game that is really worth a read if you plan to use these.
Q. What is the importance of watching replays of my base being attacked?
A. Replays are your own personal feedback on both offensive and defensive strategy. Not only does it show you where you have weak spots in your defense, but it also gives you insight on different ways to attack. For the beginner player, this is the most important tool you are given in the game.
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