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the shop started yesterday and i got excited knowing i had cash saved and was ready then the 1st offer to get patches was 500 Alloy for patches, that is insane what on earth was the people who create these offers thinking of. i had 500 cash so i refreshed the shop but now it wants 500 cash for 25 patches but the cards for upgrades are 30 patches for 10 cards i must not be the only player that thinks 500 Alloy for patches is INSANE. i buy in game cash i think its good for the ongoing upgrades of the game but at these prices its heading from a game to a bank loan. im level 45 my HQ is level 17 i have been trying to upgrade this building almost 2 years, i cant upgrade any units or defense units until the HQ is upgraded but 130,000 wood in 1 day may seem like its ok but its not as soon as you build up resources your invaded by players who have all the battleship upgrades it needs so no matter what extra strength your units have they get wiped out and the circle restarts most of these players like number 1 of the leader board has wood mills at level 7 and hes level 78. You can see plain as day he managed to get what he needed while cheats were in play and upgraded the stuff needed for attacking. now it feels like the cheats are back out but this time from the game i dont care what level you are or not 1-99 you should not be asked for 500 Alloy for 20 patches. i cant be the only person who has had these extreme amounts show up in their Pablo shop.
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  • Juli KirklandJuli Kirkland Juli KirklandComments: 45 Moderator  Crawlers .. I have made a discussion on resourcing and good ways to do this , tried and true .. also the use of defensive gears and new lab technology will help you to defend your bases against attackers when you are not on the game . Try looking at the layouts of other players on your battlefield . I will generally copy another players base I am having issues destroying . If your looking at how to gain resources to advance read the article posted above . Alloy is really not considered a high commodity in the game so its given out fairly often so this trade is fair and equitable for both. Pablo was added to the game to enable players to trade items that they do not need for more valuable ones , each time he arrives he will come with different offers. Pablo now holds special components we all need for our test labs  so naturally to balance the game its made more difficult in amounts of patches you need for trades . All trades are based on value which are calculated by the cost of doing business with him . Its up to each individual player to decide if pablos visit to your base is worthy of a trade or wait for the next one to come around :) hang in there Pablo I used to hate as well , but now see the benefits of having his visits to my base whether I decide to use him or not its nice to know hes there to make special offers  
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