New Destroyer Spells: Sledgehammer, Scatter Volley & Taunting Turret

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Commander, let’s talk about the new Destroyer spells: Sledgehammer, Scatter Volley & Taunting Turret!

2. Sledgehammer 

The former Speed Boost is now Sledgehammer, the very first spell available in Test Station.
Sledgehammer is artillery that deals damage to enemy structures and defenses. Burning or frozen objects have a chance of taking additional damage.

The higher the spell class, the more damage it deals and the higher the probability of extra damage to the burning or frozen guns.

Available in Test Station at level 1.

2. Taunting Turret 

Taunting Turret distracts enemy guns. We do not recommend to place the Turret where there are WAY too many guns around: 4 or 5 guns standing next to it will destroy it with one blow! But, however, Turrets are best placed where the guns are not too tight — at least at small spell levels. Its great at distracting Rocket Launchers while your troops getting closer! 

Taunting Turret is available in Test Station level 7. Upgrading the ability class increases Turret’s HP capacity:

3. Scatter Volley

Scatter Volley is the newest artillery that deals extra damage to Nitroguns, Flamethrowers and plasma-charged weapons, including those standing on Cartel bosses’ bases.
Available in Test Station at level 10. Upgrading a spell class increases the base damage and additional damage.

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