Test Station 2.0: Patch notes

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The brand new Test Station update is ready, Commander! 🔥

Here’s what was added to Tropic Storm with this release:

— Two new abilities for GI Jacks, Sgt. Dozers, Rockits, and Tanks.

— Four new Destroyer spells: ‘Battle Rage’ was updated, and three brand new were added: we will describe them in details in the following posts here.

That’s not all! We have some more great news. Some of them were inspired by community suggestions 

— the leaders of Strike Groups will now be able to appoint a second Executive Officer;

— Pablo the Smuggler bought a bigger boat and now he will show 8 offers at the same time (instead of 6);

— updated visual effects for troops' shooting—this should improve performance during the battle;

— the zoom scale settings will be saved when you move from your base to the global map and back.

🔥 And for dessert, the long-awaited exchange of Arsenal Components! 🔥

From today (or rather, with the next arrival of the Smuggler, which is Friday) you will be able to exchange Components for troops and defense for Pablo Patches! The Smuggler promised to offer this deal from time to time. It's time to get rid of the accumulated cards that are not used, yay!

View update: https://apps.facebook.com/tropicstorm/

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