"Why are we no longer getting uranium boosters?"

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Several questions comments and suggestions have been coming up lately as to Uranium . I hope this feed can answer some of your questions and help you understand this precious resource better in the game. Playkot first introduced Uranium as a balance in the game when battleships were changed and also the introduction of buggies.

Certain technology had been given to different levels of battleships by the way of extra uranium charged guns to use on the bases of the higher level teams as well as the use of buggies after level 15. Uranium reactors for each level of battleship were given certain levels to hold enough uranium to charge weapons that were authorized for your battleship level.

Then this happened, Players were either taking these weapons free or being charged by ship owners giving them the ability to possess more uranium charged weapons on their own base to play on lower level battleships that do not have the capability to produce the uranium needed to keep them charged and upgrading. manipulating a balance that has been integrated into the game is never such a solid plan moving forward.

However, what has been done is done.  There are still uranium 2x boosts in the game however many players still do not understand what these are used for so its up to us to educate our teams on how to use these properly. They need to circulate to come back to us. Uranium boosts are a commodity  in the game.

With our new test stations up and running for teams over level 15 that rested on the buggy that had abilities to jump over mines can now focus on upgrading our other troops in the game that give special powers as well. It also levels the playing field for those of us that do not have buggies yet. we all have the ability to cancel charge on our uranium guns which places the unused uranium back into storage for later use. As of now, there is really no plan that I know of moving forward to produce more precious uranium as it's still being controlled per level of battleship for all.    
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