Black Force needs just one permanent player

1 Comments·Updated 09 March 2019 04:50 PM
BLACK FORCE is looking for one player who is able to chat in English, enjoys chatting socially and plays daily. We are a level 11 non-jumping ship with a very active group of funny, caring, talented and experienced players that play for each other with a team-first attitude. If you are level 50+, looking for a long-term home and you fit this bill then give us a look! 😊
Oh, and we have some Girls and Booze on board so it is always a good time!

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  • We are an active fun loving group that does a lot of chatting while playing. We are an organized group with a team page, team chat and a statistics spreadsheet we keep updated to assist us with developing strategies during battles. If you are looking for more than a team and want to be part of a group of friends then we could be a great fit for you. Check us out and if you are still interested then send me a message. Cheers!
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