How to make game more interesting :)

1 Comments·Started 18 March 2019 01:38 PM
Hi I m new on forum thanks to Julie Kirkland  <3...I thought about that how to make this game more interesting...I have some ideas...I think that biggest problem is days when there is not battle or volcano and that is most of our days in game...that days I log in and while drinking the coffee I clean 30 islands on my map in maybe 15-20min and then game over for that day...So I understand that u don't want to give more islands so people could not get unlimited resources and gears...But what if u for start give us some daily mission,like maybe one big island(with better prizes and chance to get uranium boost or something) which one would be very difficult to kill...that island u can make very very strong and give us like 3 attacks and 2 hours to finish him(if player fail island renew himself)...and of course that islands would be different by players levels...I think that would work for playkot and for players...playkot would make players spend gears and notes to kill it and players would have some fun and something to do...In start I thought to suggest that u change o skulls in that but I believe that would be very complicate cause of that missions u have...ok thats all for now I hope u will like idea and I will suggest some new ones...
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