Whats the point of this forum

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next to no one uses it and when you do you have to wait so long for a replie,

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  • Juli KirklandJuli Kirkland Juli KirklandComments: 45 Moderator
    Dean .. The concept of the forum was created by playkot as an added extension to the community wall . It was developed for player in the game to write in and answers questions other players may have on certain topics which as you know there are always so many questions and the game is forever changing as to strategies and discussions of what works and what does not . You have been an important player on this forum by asking the questions and responding to them as well . There are so many places now that players post in be it walls created by other players or the community page where important issues are often buried as they are all over the place . The forum gives you a better platform to get the discussion going as this is maintained by playkot games . Categories in discussion with a clear title of what the discussion is about directs players to one place for the answers or discussion without having to sift through miles of other issues make it easier for all of us in the tropic storm community to jump in and find what they need or ask the question .  Getting the purpose of the forum out there in front of as many players we can will help to build and grow , upload videos of how tos , walk throughs for the Go cartels and even questions you may get or see posted in various places you have that answer to is helpful in more ways than you can imagine . Its our creative space and everyone is invited to share topics and have fun :) Im looking forward to seeing what you have in store for some interesting topics . This is also our Wiki to the game and a place everyone should feel entitled to sharing in :)  Thank you Dean for your contributions 

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