The pitfalls of sharing log in information

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Although its applaud able to show your team spirit by allowing another player to log in as you when your not available for battles sometimes this risk is not worth the reward ! I have been getting an overwhelming amount of messages in m inbox in regards to players either having their Facebook accounts taken away or their payments being turned off . Unfortunately when this happens it cannot be corrected by Playkot . As players on Facebook games we are bound as is playkot to separate sets of rules we all need to be aware to stay in compliance . Here is one issue that arises that will cause you to eventually lose your account. Baldazar who lives in New York plays on a international team , feels he knows everyone very well and is comfortable sharing his information with Pablo who lives in Argentina , Bob who lives in Jamaica , and maybe Francois who lives in Europe. Every time one of these  trusted friends log into Baldazars acct it changes and tracks the ip address on his account causing the account to be red flagged over time because we all know Baldazar cannot possibly be in this many countries in a day. This is the action that will cause Facebook to close your account and ask for ID to match the account in question . There is also the matter of blocking payment methods which basically has the same concept . Many of us use a prepaid card to use on the internet I know that I do, however if you purchase a throw away instead of one to reload for games this will also cause a red flag on Facebooks end and you will again have to go through the hassle of getting this turned back on and trust me Facebook is a hard one to deal with . If your making payments using a non bank issued credit card , try to purchase one that you can register and reload instead of adding various forms of payments in there that can be seen as potential credit fraud .     
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