Unfair Match

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So, we signed up for battle today. We are a lvl 8 ship with just 3 players over lvl 60, a few mid 50's, 40's, a lvl 32 and a lvl 27.
We were matched against a lvl 14 ship, mostly lvl 70+, just one player under lvl 60 (a lvl 58)

As i understand battles are matched using the battle rating? Surely there should be a few other factors involved when matching up battles, such as average player lvl, and even some sort of bracket for the level of the Battle Ship....

The Strike Battle is the most fun aspect of the game for our team, and this week's battle has been ruined for us....
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  • welcome to the club are last 5 battle were the same 1 that we were abal to fight its bull 💩 but they wont change it 

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  • yep this is a growing problem  there should be a way for the comp to configure  the ship rating and the level of player ratings they have 48 hours to do match up that would make things fair and would make the game better .
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  • same thing happened to us game company does not care we lost one of or best players because of it
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  • crawlerscrawlers crawlersComments: 14
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    guys you know the level of the battleship should be a factor but its the earned points that it goes by, ive been sent into battle on a battleship level 7 against a level 11 the higher the players in your group the more you rise as your battleship is taking off and there will come a time when your points earned bring you into battle with a higher level ship. the tip is to increase the islands defenses as much as possible. think about when you first began doing battles and the amount of players you kill that levels were alot lower than 50. you should state required members to be of a level closer to the 40 upwards and then you will feel the benefits
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