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1. Premium Cottage always drops at least 1 ⚡️ energy point when you collect profit from it.
✅ True. Premium Cottage drops from 1 to 2 ⚡️ energy points every time you collect it.  

 2. Chapiteau Circus 🎪 is one of the SuperCity City Sights.
❎ False. You will find Chapiteau Circus 🎪 at the ‘Businesses’ tab of the Shop 🛒 which means it is not a City Sights but a Business.

3. There is a photo album 📷 with hints on our Facebook page.
✅ True. ‘Super Hints’ album really exists 🤩 Enjoy the hints 💡 that are already posted (more hints are coming): https://www.facebook.com/pg/SuperCityMobile/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1156679661391849 

4. You can win superbucks 💸 at the eternal stage of the 'Spain Week' 🇪🇸 quest.
✅ True. The set of 'Spain Week' 🇪🇸 eternal stage rewards includes 15 superbucks 💸, 1 ‘Skip Task’ 💥 booster and lovely decorations🌴🌳 You still have time to win yours!

5. Victor Rich has recently found an ancient notepad 📜 in the attic of his mansion!
✅ True. He talked 💬 about this during the first step of the ‘Spirit of adventure’ quest, it was also announced 🔉 in the in-game news… Now Victor's setting off South in search of incredible archaeological discoveries! Stay tuned, it is just the beginning of an amazing story!

6. It is impossible to store businesses.
❎ False. You can store businesses but you need to collect profit (get the Z-z-z 💤 over them) first.

7. Hot Chocolate 🍮 is produced at the Candy Factory.
❎ False. Hot Chocolate is produced at Samantha’s Café (and the cup of Hot Chocolate 🍮 is even a part of Café’s design).

8. We have 2 Add Me Boards.
✅ True. We have two Add Me Boards 👫, one on Facebook, and another – on our forum.
Add Me Board on Facebook 👇
Add Me Board on the forum 👇

9. Sophie has her own Instagram where she shares beauty 💄 secrets.
❎ False. Only Will 👨 has his own Instagram. He shares some personal information, gives in-game hints, offers valuable prizes🎁 It’s always a lot of fun - feel free to follow him 🤳

10. Stonehenge was inspired by a place not far from 🇬🇧 London.
✅ True. Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England 🇬🇧, around 130 km south of London.


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