SuperCity Mobile, v. 1.25.0 (April 29, 2019 ~ SuperCity Mobile)

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πŸ“’πŸ“’πŸ“’ It's update time, Mayor! We are so excited to reveal our new novelties 🀩
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🐞 Bugs Fixes ❀
- Lady Liberty πŸ—½, Surf Station πŸ„ and Hawaiian Restaurant 🌺 maintenance is over 🚧 βœ…
- Buildings on the edges of your city do not disappear anymore πŸ βœ…
- Energy lost ⚑️ in the update has been restored to your energy bar βš‘οΈβœ…
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🐀 Twitter Button added to the Community tab πŸ’™
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🏺 Brand New Event πŸ’›
Head off on an archaeological journey 🏜 with Victor Rich and find hidden treasures 🏺 in the all-new Search for the Lost Temple event! It's adventure time! 🏞
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β €
🚨⚠️Important note⚠️🚨
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- The progress bar in the 'Search for the Lost Temple' quest is broken - your progress is counted but not shown, sorry for this inconvenience, we are trying to sort out what has gone wrong.
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- At the moment it is not possible to enter the Enchanted Valley 🏞 in your neighbours cities (it is marked as closed πŸ”’ even though in reality it is unlocked). This issue will be fixed in 1.25.1 version πŸ‘Œ To reduce any inconvenience the Enchanted Valley buildings won't be used in the upcoming quest chains 😚 Thank you for your understanding! πŸ™

- The 'fire' πŸ”₯ icon is inactive πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ For the moment you need to scroll to find the fire πŸ”₯ Good thing - you don’t have to put out all the fires: a fire doesn’t destroy any building, it just gives energy. The tech team is aware of this issue and will fix it in the near future βœ…

- The button to call your sleeping πŸ’€ neighbours πŸ’€ back is broken, we will fix it next week! We are really sorry for this inconvenience!  
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PS 'I don't have this update, why?'
- If you are an iOS player, please try the following: open the Updates tab at the App Store, refresh it and press the update button for our game.
- If it doesn't help or you are an Android player, please wait - the update doesn't appear in all the countries at the same time (it depends on the Stores and unfortunately, we can do nothing about this).

🌟🌟🌟 To have even more fun, join us here:
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