I have had enough

0 Comments·Started 13 May 2019 07:48 PM
I have been in this game far too long to know when the time has come for when everyone should either put up or shutup, There are way too many problems in this game, jumpers, too many groups being created for the purpose of jumping and not enough players to fill what we have. The truth is playkot thinks this is a good thing that it is bringing in more players. Well it is not. They think it is creating more highend players to make more accounts, maybe true but that is taking away from all the mid level groups who cannot get into battles or fill there groups now. Today is another day of stacked groups, a level 13 against a 7 for 1 example and I wont waste time to go into them all. PLAYKOT I KNOW YOU ARE READING THIS> make an announcement because i will be soon be quitting my 5 accounts as well as a few others i know if changes dont come soon. Your game is going all to hell. 
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