🛑IMPORTANT!!! Dont make new discussions,Look for and use the correct topic for your comments please

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Try not to make new topics as they WILL BE MOVED to the correct topic in which they should be. Don't know where to place a comment? Have a look below

If you see that it says closed that just means you can't comment anymore on the post, you can still click on it to read it!!

  • If you are wanting to complain about things in the game you can go to the FAN PAGE and place these complaints under our COMPLAINTS/ISSUES section. There you can let our team know of things that are bothering you about the game, things you don't like, etc. The forum is for information and not for complaints. We need to keep the forum clear of complaints so players can come in and get their information quickly then play their game.  https://www.facebook.com/notes/supercity/complaints-issues/1055892647920100/

  • If you want to comment on a particular quest, please go to the fan page and find the post about the quest and comment on there :) 

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    Hard to do the comments on topics in the discussions when you have closed the area.  So we have no choice but to make new ones.  
    The items where it says closed is for the new quests, and other things that can't have comments on. Please look above and you will see where to put your comments :) 

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  • alejandra1949alejandra1949 Freshly on the board alejandra1949Comments: 1 ✭
    Is it possible to be able to plant in the Garden Patch the same easy way that we do in the rest of the farms? It is very annoying to click in a Garden Patch and then go to the Tropical Garden to choose a product again and again, especially if there are more than 2 patches to plant.
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