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🐉The Guardian of the Valley really wants to restore the abandoned Temple. For this, he needs scales that adorn the entwined Dragon Temple. The guardian knows that the scales have been taken apart for souvenirs and home decorations by the local highlanders. Max is called to help the Keeper, to crawl through all the mountain villages and exchange scales for something useful.🐉

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  • Diana CraciunDiana Craciun Diana CraciunComments: 177 Community Manager

    Requirements: this quest can be received for players starting with level 15.


    To receive the rewards, you need to collect Golden scales.

    There are on-the-way rewards and extra rewards after receiving the main prize:

    • Reward 1: 15 golden scales collected - 10,000 coins 1 pack +45 energy, 10 marathon points;

    • Reward 2: 50 golden scales collected - Big Cherry Blossom Tree, 5 superbucks, 20 marathon points;

    • Reward 3: 120 golden scales collected -  Sushi Bar, 40 marathon points;

    • Reward 4: 250 golden scales collected - Seafood shop, 70 marathon points;

    • Reward 5: 400 golden scales collected - The Dragon Temple (6,200 coins, 3-5 energy, 4-6 pearls, size 6*6, can be placed in the City center, Sands, Enchanted Valley, Bay)

    Every 100 more golden scales collected after the main prize will get you extra prizes!

    6) Extra reward 1: 25,000 coins, 20 marathon points, 2 Cupcakes +10 energy ;

    7) Extra reward 2: 1000 goods, 20 marathon points, 3 Cupcakes +10 energy;

    8) Extra reward 3: 10 superbucks, 20 marathon points;

    9) and so on, starting with Extra reward 1 again.


    How many golden scales can I get?

    2, 3 or 5 scales for regular tasks!

    4, 6,10 scales for bonus tasks!

    Please keep in mind that bonus tasks:

    • can be obtained after completing 5 other tasks (regular or bonus)

    • have a timer for completion and cannot be deleted during the completion time.

    • If you did not manage to complete the task in time, it disappears!

    What about cooldowns?

    If you finish a task, there is no cooldown time. If you trash a task, there is a 3-hour cooldown time.


    You need to collect at least 15 Golden scales to take part in the Rating competition.

    After the quest ends, players who take the first 25 places receive the extra rewards:

    • 1st place: 150 marathon points + Gold Gong, gives 3-5 superbucks and 3-5 pearls every 24 hours, 16 days from the moment when it was first placed in the city;

    • 2nd place: 100 marathon points + Silver Gong, gives 2-4 superbucks and 2-4 pearls every 24 hours, 16 days from the moment when it was first placed in the city;

    • 3rd place: 50 marathon points + Bronze Gong, gives 1-3 superbucks and 1-3 pearls every 24 hours, 16 days from the moment when it was first placed in the city;

    • 4-6th places: 40 pearls, 50 marathon points;

    • 7-10th places: 30 pearls, 40  marathon points;

    • 11-15th places: 25 pearls, 30 marathon points;

    • 16-20th places: 20 pearls, 30 marathon points

    • 21-25th places: 15 pearls, 20 marathon points.

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  • No thank you, I'm gone to pass.
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    Awesome, I loved the last quest and this one is the same. Plus thanks for all the marathon points to win!!
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