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So this is something I never really paid attention to because I always thought once an attack starts it was 3 minutes. long but this battle 6/12/19 all our opponents attacks started at 1 min 16 seconds or lower. no matter how hard or easy the base was they were attacking also on our ship why is this?
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  • The replays don't include all 3 minutes. They only run for the duration of the fight, until the player attacking or defending dies. It means that your base or ship killed all of them before 1:16 minutes.

    When I first watched replays 2 years ago, I was wondering how all players always killed my base with 0 seconds left :smiley: Well, that's when my base dies, so no need to run all the 3 minutes when the opponent killed my base after 1:16 :wink:

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