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🔥 Putting out a fire 🚒 in your city gives you up to 5️⃣ energy ⚡️ points!

🏡 Many buildings produce energy ⚡️ Collecting some of them you always get more energy than you spend 😍
Hint. You can check the list in the first comment 💬👇

🤲🏼 Helping your neighbours in their SuperCity gives you 1️⃣ energy ⚡️ point for every neighbour you visit 👌🏻

🎁 You can win energy ⚡️ playing SuperBingo and also when you spin the Wheel of Fortune (there is a dedicated energy section).

⚡️ Your energy refills at a rate of 1️⃣ energy ⚡️ point every 3️⃣ minutes up to your maximum energy ⚡️ capacity. 
Remember 📝 
- Your energy capacity increases as you progress through the levels ⭐️ 
- Your energy fully restores when you level up 🔝

🎬 When you completely run out of energy, you will be given ads videos to watch 👀 Each video is worth 5️⃣ energy ⚡️ points.

👫 When you have completed all the ads videos, you will be given the option to ask 🙏🏼 your neighbours for energy. For example, if you have 500 neighbours that equal 1500 energy a day 💪
Remember 📝 
- You can ask your neighbours for energy every 2️⃣4️⃣ hours.  
- You are allowed 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ of the energy packages +3 in your storage. 

😴 Keep all of your sleeping neighbours and call them back 🗣 regularly: you receive an energy package +45 ⚡️ for each neighbour that returns. You will be very surprised at how quickly you can stock up on energy package +45 ⚡️
Remember 📝 
- You are only allowed 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ of the energy packages +45 ⚡️ in your storage.
- Your call back expires 🗣 after 5 days so you need to call your neighbors back every 5 days.

💲 Of course, there is also the option to buy energy with superbucks 💸 A ➕ sign will appear next to the energy bar when you completely run out ❌ of energy.

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