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The Summer marathon is here, we kept the possibility of getting blueprints for the Kayak rental and the Diving school and also added 2 new wonderful buildings! Best of luck everyone!

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  • Diana CraciunDiana Craciun Diana CraciunComments: 236 Community Manager
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    Requirements: players level 30+ can participate in the marathon.

    Just like in the previous marathon there are 4 stages with their own requirements in terms of number of points you need to earn and also every stage has its own rating.

    The Marathon points are earned from usual actions in the game, such as:

    • sending out a fully-loaded Ship in the Bay - 5 points

    • fulfilling an order for a tourist - 3 point

    • starting a party at the Bay hotel - 20 points

    • points can be received also as prizes in our regular quests!

    Every stage has its own goals: the points gathered for one stage can be exclusively used on that stage only.

    You exchange the points you have for a binder with blueprints. In this binder you can find blueprints for the prize buildings! After gathering a certain number of blueprints, you can exchange them for a building. How many blueprints you need for each building, you can see in the “Rewards” tab under each building. 

    As promised, we kept the Kayak Rental and the Diving School available in this marathon as well and we added 2 new buildings too!

    Don’t forget to scroll using the blue arrow in order to see your progress for all the buildings!

    Rewards details:


    Kayak Rental: gives 2,000 coins, 2,000 piastres every 24 hours, size 4*5, can be placed on the water expansions in the Bay area.

    Diving School: gives 1,300 piastres, 1,300 coins, 4-6 seasonal currency every 16 hours, 30 days after it is first placed on the map; size 5*6, can be placed on the water expansions in the Bay area.

    Tropical park: 1,800 piastres, 1,800 coins, 4-6 seasonal currency every 20 hours, size 9*9 can be placed anywhere except the Snowy plateau.

    Danish House: 800 coins every 3 hours, size 4*4, can be placed anywhere, you can have more than one.

    For the 3rd stage we added a new building!

    The Ocean Research Center: 1,500 coins, 1,500 piastres, 4-6 pearls every 16 hours, can be placed on the water expansions in the Bay area, size 8*8, can have just one.

    The Tropical Marathon has its own rating. For the place in the rating you’ll receive binders with blueprints. The rating resets with every stage of the Marathon, so you are able to receive 4 rewards for the rating place during the course of a marathon.

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  • Atilla ArslanAtilla Arslan Freshly on the board Atilla ArslanComments: 177 ✭✭✭
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  • Sonia DiazSonia Diaz Forum Dweller Sonia DiazComments: 33 ✭✭
    The new buildings are amazing!! Thank you ❤️
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  • BlackRoseHeartBlackRoseHeart Freshly on the board BlackRoseHeartComments: 34 ✭✭
    What are the dates for the 4 stages of this marathon? For the Tropical Marathon, you told us the dates it would run at the beginning of the marathon. This time, we're left wondering.
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