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Hi, how is it possible to make over 100.000 medals in the GO within two hours ??? Now, after 22 hours the leader is near to 400.000 ???
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  • Duc Hy NguyenDuc Hy Nguyen Duc Hy NguyenComments: 24 ✭✭
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    I'm level 51, hardly anywhere close to the top. I'll probably finish in top 2000 in this event without ever spending a real dime.

    The solution is to speed up boost all upgrades. The troop upgrades take 5+ days and that gives about 40,000 medals for 5-6 day upgrade. Speed boost costs around 800-1000 green coins.

    So they just need to use the massive green coins won in events to speed boost. I'm now at 8000 green coins won in this event mainly.

    There are other ways to get a lot of points easily. Just kill everyone and refresh over and over. And killing players' island can also yield some containers or crates  ==> you get more free green coins to speed up even more stuff.

    It's possible to get great prizes without spending money but some players also like to feed some Mastercard. Games play on impatient players.

    Anyway the prize that you can collect from the number of medals that you won are not great until you get to the 6th level at least, over 120K medals. Probably around 2-3 thousand players will reach that prize.

    Besides, why stress about other players' performance?  They are in top alliances or, they inject money.

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