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What is new in the Sands area? Let's find out together!

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    Once this update is published, you will find the Jeweler’s Stall is placed close to the Trader’s Tent.

    However, in order to start on the Jeweler’s Stall you will have to upgrade the Trader’s Tent to level 2.

    After you upgrade the Trader’s tent to level 2, click on the Jeweler’s Stall and the Total Recall chain quest will pop up.

    If you had on your account already the promotion for the Egyptian lighthouse cover, regardless if you successfully completed it or failed, the “Remember everything” promotion will pop up. You have 21 days to complete this challenge and the rewards are a cover for the Bridge, 25 superbucks and 3 packs of 45 energy.

    In order to renovate the Jeweler’s stall, it is necessary to complete the Total recall chain quest:

    Total Recall I (24h)

    Collect 22 Shovels (from friends’ cities - buildings with a clock or coin)

    Collect 7 Flasks (Beach house, Summer Mansion)

    Collect 32 Backpacks (Summer House, Upgraded Summer House)

    Total Recall II (24h)

    Collect 8 Scotch Tapes (Auto Repair Shop)

    Collect 40 Stepladders (Convenience Store, Upgraded Convenience store)

    Collect 36 Night visions (Subway Station, Upgraded Subway station, Central Station, Eastern Station)

    Total Recall III (24h)

    Collect 9 Tool kits (Shopping Center)

    Ask friends for 15 Repair Kits

    Collect 19 Saws (Colonial House, Upgraded Colonial House)

    Total Recall IV (24h)

    Collect 42 Pencils (Stationery shop, Upgraded Stationery shop)

    Collect 2 Files with documents (City Hall)

    Train 6 Architects (University)

    Total Recall V (24h)

    Collect 16 Sweets (Candy Factory - all except donuts)

    Ask friends for 14 Sunglasses

    Collect 12 Strawberry cocktails (Pub, Upgraded Pub)

    Total Recall VI (24h)

    Collect 9 Lightbulbs (Electronics Plant, Upgraded Electronics Plant - Mouse)

    Ask friends for 14 Neon lamps 

    Produce 14 lots of Cables (Construction factory, Upgraded Construction Factory)

    Total Recall VII (24h)

    Collect 17 Nails (from friends’ cities, buildings with a clock or coin)

    Collect 15 Planks (Cargo Port)

    Train 6 Builders (College)

    Total Recall VIII (24h)

    Collect 8 Leather Sofas (Furniture Factory)

    Collect 32 Hanging Baskets (Recreational Cottage)

    Collect 16 Chairs (Family Restaurant)

    Total Recall IX (24h)

    Collect 2 Office chairs (Sky Tree)

    Collect 45 Tubes of glue (Shoe Shop, Upgraded Shoe Shop)

    Collect 9 Scribe compasses (Country cottage, Wooden house)

    Total Recall X (24h)

    Collect 7 Magic lanterns (Cinema)

    Ask friends for 13 Amulets

    Collect 12 Lucky coins. You can get from 1 to 2 items each time (Guardian of the Valley)

    After you renovate the Jeweler’s Stall you can produce there cut gems:

    Desert Paradise

    Desert Paradise I (24h)

    Collect 49 Green Paints (Flower Kiosk, Upgraded Flower Kiosk)

    Ask friends for 14 Paintbrushes

    Collect 16 Paint rollers (Petrol Station, Upgraded Petrol Station)

    Desert Paradise II (24h)

    Collect 1 Air conditioner (Beach resort)

    Collect 32 Mini fridges (Convenience store, Upgraded Convenience store)

    Collect 14 Cushions (Wooden House)

    Desert Paradise III (24h)

    Grow 48 crops of Strawberry (Farm, Upgraded Farm)

    Collect 9 Pineapples (Villa, Villa with a pool)

    Grow 12 crops of Apples (Fruit Farm)

    Desert Paradise IV (24h)

    Collect 16 Units of water (Water Tower)

    Collect 8 Sacks of Grain (House with a watermill)

    Collect 3 Strong ropes (Kindergarten)

    Desert Paradise V (24h)

    Collect 28 Love letters (Colonial House, Upgraded Colonial House)

    Ask friends for 12 Pony’s combs

    Hand out 34 Brochures (German House, Family House, Colonial House, Upgraded Colonial House, Upgraded German House)

    Desert Paradise VI (24h)

    Collect 12 Red paintbrushes (Luxury Apartment)

    Collect 6 Bricks (Cargo Port)

    Produce 12 lots of Roofing (Construction factory, Upgraded Construction Factory)

    Desert Paradise VII (24h)

    Collect 43 Leaflets (Textile Factory, Upgraded Textile Factory - Denim)

    Collect 6 Speakers (Cinema)

    Collect 28 Microphones (Pub, Upgraded Pub)

    Desert Paradise VIII (24h)

    Collect 8 Slices of bacon (Family restaurant)

    Collect 34 Spring rolls (Bistro, Upgraded Bistro)

    Collect 25 Take-out boxes (Wok cafe, Upgraded Wok cafe)

    After completing this quest you will unlock the Trading Oasis:

    The Caravan is made up from 3 camels and also has a timer.

    Please take a moment to read the rules in the hint:

    • You get a reward for every fully-loaded Camel;

    • For sending out Caravans you get Pathfinder tools;

    • For fully-loaded Caravans you get marathon points;

    • Like the Bay ship, the Caravan returns after some time, but you can speed up its arrival.

    One of the tasks in the “Remember everything” promotion is to remove 7 Palm trees. You can remove Palm trees using Work Tools and Pathfinder tools:

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    Interesting, will be busy!
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  • just a quick question...…..when can you start the quest for upgrading the oasis?  it doesn't say.....
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  • Diane MeisenheimerDiane Meisenheimer Freshly on the board Diane MeisenheimerComments: 3
    Thank you for providing us with another interesting quest.  Will there be any additional  opportunities to acquire "cash" at discounted prices?
    Love the video and thank you for providing it.
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  • What happens if you are still on the first level for the tent?
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  • ForumSupportForumSupport Forum Dweller ForumSupportComments: 1331 Super Moderator
    Thank you for providing us with another interesting quest.  Will there be any additional  opportunities to acquire "cash" at discounted prices?
    Love the video and thank you for providing it.
    Superbuck sales go to players randomly :) 

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