SANDS PART 3! New Adventures! (part 2)

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After you upgrade the Jeweller’s stall to level 2 a chain quest called “Glassblower’s Shop” pops up (10 stages, all yellow-timed):

Glassblower’s Shop I (24h)

Collect 9 Sensors (Water Tower, Upgraded Water Tower)

Train 4 Mechanics (College)

Collect 21 Screw wrenches (from friends’ cities, buildings with a clock or coin)

Glassblower’s Shop II (24h)

Collect 32 Drums (Mansion, Ranch, Family House, Colonial House, Lilac House, Upgraded Colonial House, Upgraded Ranch)

Collect 17 Cups of tea (Coffee House, Upgraded Coffee House)

Produce 7 lots of Cherry pies (Candy Factory)

Glassblower’s Shop III (24h)

Collect 9 Tool Kits (Shopping Center)

Collect 30 Throwels (Subway Station, Upgraded Subway Station)

Collect 11 Bricks (Cargo Port)

Glassblower’s Shop IV (24h)

Collect 8 Scribe compasses (Country Cottage, Wooden house)

Collect 33 Peacock feathers (Stationery shop, Upgraded Stationery shop)

Collect 11 Inks. You can get 3 items each time (School, Valley School)

Glassblower’s Shop V (24h)

Collect 4 Olive Oil (Greek House)

Collect 65 Bandages (German House, Upgraded German House)

Ask friends for 14 Beach chairs

Glassblower’s Shop VI (24h)

Collect 13 “Fragile!” stickers (Stationery Shop, Upgraded Stationery shop)

Collect 50 Diamonds (Mansion)

Collect 14 Stars (Club, Concert Hall)

Glassblower’s Shop VII (24h)

Collect 5 Crystal Ball (House with a pond)

Collect 8 Platters (Family restaurant)

Collect 4 Pendants (Jewelry shop)

Glassblower’s Shop VIII (24h)

Collect 18 Petrol cans (Petrol Station, Upgraded Petrol Station)

Collect 6 Nail Polishes (Cosmetics Boutique)

Collect 35 Newspapers (Subway station, Upgraded Subway Station)

Glassblower’s Shop IX (24h)

Collect 5 Books (School, Valley School)

Collect 54 Glasses (Summer House, Upgraded Summer House)

Ask friends for 14 Microscopes

Glassblower’s Shop X (24h)

Collect 7 Lightbulbs (Electronics Plant, Upgraded Electronics Plant - Mouse)

Collect 13 Glass slippers (Cinema)

Collect 19 Aprons (Coffee House, Upgraded Coffee House)

After you complete the chain quest you will be able to produce Crystal dishes in the Glassblower’s shop:

The Gold ingot can be produce in the Apprentice’s Workbench. The Mountain Crystal can be obtained by completing regular tasks in the Trader’s Tent:

One last mention: in the promotion you will see that you have remove 7 Stones to complete the Egyptian Port cover. These can be found by buying land and they require 1 work tool, 1 traveller map and 2 pathfinder tools for removal:

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