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Four new buildings are waiting for you in the Autumn Marathon - open “Rewards” tab to check them out! Also, you can still collect blueprints for 2 old buildings - Tropical Park and The Ocean Research Center.

Attention: If you didn’t collect all blueprints for Kayak rental, Diving School or Danish house you’ll have another chance to do it in the future for sure! 

Requirements: players level 30+ can participate in the marathon.

Just like in the previous marathon there are 4 stages with their own requirements in terms of the number of points you need to earn and also every stage has its own rating.

The Marathon points are earned from usual actions in the game, such as:

  • sending out a fully-loaded Ship in the Bay - 5 points

  • fulfilling an order for a tourist - 2 points

  • starting a party at the Bay hotel - 15 points

  • completing the special orders in the Trader’s tent in the Sands - 2 points

  • sending out a fully-loaded Caravan in the Sands - 5 or 15 if the Trade Oasis upgraded

  • points can be received also as prizes in our regular quests!

Every stage has its own goals: the points gathered for one stage can be exclusively used on that stage only.

You exchange the points you have for a binder with blueprints. In this binder you can find blueprints for the prize buildings!

After gathering a certain number of blueprints, you can exchange them for a building. How many blueprints you need for each building, you can see in the “Rewards” tab under each building. 

Don’t forget to scroll using the blue arrow in order to see your progress for all the buildings!


Yellow Submarine - gives 2,100 piasters, 3-5 candies and 2,100 coins every 24 hours, can be placed on the water expansions in the Bay area. Size 3X7

Vizcaya villa - gives 2-4 candies and 2,500 coins every 20 hours, could be placed everywhere except the Snowy plateau. Size 8X9

Desert home - gives 550 coins every 2 hours, could be placed in the Bay or Sands areas. Size 5X5

Greek Villa - gives 4-6 candies and 3,500 coins every 24 hours, could be placed everywhere except the Snowy plateau. Size 6X6.

Tropical park - gives 1,800 piastres, 1,800 coins, 4-6 seasonal currency every 20 hours, size 9*9 can be placed anywhere except the Snowy plateau.

The Ocean Research Center - gives 1,500 coins, 1,500 piastres, 4-6 seasonal currency every 16 hours, can be placed on the water expansions in the Bay area, size 8*8, can have just one.

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