Smuggler Pablo - Not a smart trader

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I wished they can make Pablo a smarter trader. I have a bazillions of Laboratory materials. Every week, Pablo offers me more of Lab material stuff. I never buy any. 

The same thing goes for Test Station materials, I have a bazillion of them. Yet, they always offer that crate. I bought one for fun, it gave me the blue Mechanical part that I already have a maximum. I swear to never buy that crate ever again.

And, I suggest to never use the Refresh on Pablo because the next items are usually just as bad. Don't waste those 200 greens.

I only use items during events. If you hit all the computer islands twice every day, 8 hours apart, you will get plenty of Lab materials. If you hit all the De Muerte and O'Skull islands every 7 days, you will get plenty of Test Materials. You have to use them carefully. Upgrade your Radar station if you don't get enough Test Materials. Now, there are certain mechanics of the game that you can use to get more of some items. I'll let you figure it out.

The item that I bought from Pablo that shows SOLD OUT on the bottom image was SELL $2.6M coins for 50 Patches (can't remember for sure), that was a good item, good deal. I used the patches to buy the Platform Turret upgrade which is very rare for me.

If the AI is too stupid, it's not fun. I'm not asking you to make it easy but this is plain stupid after a previous update that increased 6 Pablo items per week to 8 items. Except that 3 items are always useless. Then, you throw in more Machetes or GI Jack cards that I haven't seen anyone use after level 30.

Improve your algorithm, this is poor programming and not fun. I hope that they improve the Smuggler's items. 

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