Allie Force is looking for 2 new members to join us. Mininum 45 level with a 400 ranking.

0 Comments·Started 08 September 2019 03:38 PM
We had to let go of 2 members that was just sitting still waiting for battles, Not participating in Volcano Siege and giving no help to others.
Allie Force is a team that helps each other, The team expects each member to Participate in every Volcano Siege, Strike Group Battles when requested and collecting Liberium weekly to Upgrade weapons on battleship.   

This team is currently a level 8 strike group and almost a level 9. Battleship has 3 level 26 Uranium Reactors and a very strong defense.
If you are looking and are at player level 45 with 400 plus ranking points, Wants what is expected from each player. You need to look at the battleship and decide if Allie Force is what your looking for.  
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