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Send out a chain of caravans and win fabulous prizes!

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  • Diana CraciunDiana Craciun Diana CraciunComments: 236 Community Manager
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    Requirements: this feature can be received by players who are at least level 20 and built the Trading Oasis to level 2.

    You have 21 days to complete a chain of caravans.

    To get all the rewards, it is necessary to send out 15 fully-loaded caravans.

     If you send a partially loaded Caravan, the process will be interrupted. 

    The Caravan needs time to return. In the Oasis, the Caravan will wait for X* hours to be loaded and set off again. If you miss sending out the Caravan, the Caravan chain will be broken.

    If you accidentally missed sending out the Caravan, you can continue where you left off for an additional fee. 

    After every 5 fully loaded Caravans sent out, you will get intermediary prizes:

    1st intermediary prize: 2 cupcakes + 10 energy, 3,000 piastres, 15,000 coins, 30 marathon points, Golden obelisk, Cactus cluster

    2nd intermediary prize: 5 cupcakes + 10 energy, 6,000 piastres, 20,000 coins, 50 marathon points, Obsidian obelisk, Snake charmer

    3rd intermediary prize: 3 packs + 45 energy, 10,000 piastres, 30,000 coins, 30 candies, Pink acacia, Egyptian arch, Baobab, Beach shop

    *the number of hours depends on the level of the Trader's Tent 
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    Are there any consequences to not doing this quest? Will it have any affect on any future progress in the sands ?
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