New Challenge: Saint Patrick’s Cathedral!

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  • Diana CraciunDiana Craciun Diana CraciunComments: 236 Community Manager

    Requirements: the chests will be received by players level 15+

    Main reward is the Saint Patrick’s Cathedral (4,800 coins, 3-5 energy, 3-5 candies every 20 hours, size 6*8, can be placed anywhere except the Snowy Plateau)

    Each chest can be opened for 9 Autumn keys.

    There are 3 ways to get Keys:

    1. Complete the quests:

    Outdoors in Melbourne I (2 keys)

    Collect 8 Sandwiches (Pub, Upgraded Pub)

    Collect 3 Sprigs of Rosemary (Greengrocer’s Shop)

    Collect 11 Cups of Tea (Coffee House, Upgraded Coffee House)

    Outdoors in Melbourne II (2 keys)

    Collect 31 Floats (Summer House, Upgraded Summer House)

    Collect 9 Binoculars (Hostel, Upgraded Hostel)

    Ask friends for 8 Graphic tablets 

    Outdoors in Melbourne III (3 keys)

    Collect 11 Screw Nuts (Subway Station, Upgraded Subway Station, Central Station, Eastern Station)

    Collect 28 Pistons (Shoe Shop, Upgraded Shoe Shop)

    Collect 4 Mechanics (College)

    Outdoors in Melbourne IV (4 keys)

    Collect 15 Pencils (Stationery Shop, Upgraded Stationery Shop)

    Collect 3 Clothes Pegs (Launderette)

    Collect 9 Palettes (from friends’ cities - buildings with a clock or coin)

    2. Collect profits from the following buildings:

    Supertanic Liner - 1 key every 24 hours;

    Drive-in Theater - 1 key every 12 hours;

    Museum of Applied Art - 1-3 keys every 18 hours;

    Museum of Natural History - 3-5 keys every 20 hours;

    Grauman’s Theatre - 2-4 keys every 18 hours;

    Art Museum - 3-5 keys every 18 hours;

    Center of Culture - 3-5 keys every 20 hours.

    3. Use the sale offer!

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