New Event: Pirate Halloween!

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Tom and Bob are playing pirates and are sailing around the island in a boat. Suddenly they find themselves surrounded by fog and a cave appears on the island. The children decide to explore the cave because its appearance promises hidden treasures. They ask the residents of SuperCity to give them help.

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    Requirements: players level 30+ will receive this quest.

    Duration: 28 days

    There are 2 steps in this quest. The second stage with all its wonderful rewards will be available later. In the meantime, enjoy the cave and win great prizes!

    The main prize is the Pirate Tavern (gives 4900 coins, 3-5 energy, 2-4 candies every 24 hours, size 8 * 8, can be placed everywhere except for the Snowy Plateau)

    + 100 marathon points one time when receiving the main prize.

    The Pirate Tavern can be obtained for 150 blueprints that can be obtained from the cave.

    To find the cave, click on the offer window or on the cave on the island:

    Click on the "Rules" button and read them carefully:

    Important: Gunpowder barrels can’t be stored in the inventory, they explode immediately when they are unearthed!

    A starter toolkit is available for you:

    Pickax -  100 pcs.

    Explosive - 20 pcs.

    Bomb - 12 pcs.

    You can also receive a free pack of tools every 12 hours and get additional tools by completing orders on the island!

    Click on the “Equipment sale” icon to find your free pack:

    Attention! After rows are advancing, you cannot return to explore the bricks that you left untouched. Therefore, we advise you to open all the bricks, because valuable prizes can be hidden under them. Calculate your tools to make the best use of them.

    For quests on the order board, you can also get Ghost coins. Coins will be count for the ratings when the second part of the event begins.

    See you for the second part of Pirate Halloween and good luck with the cave!

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