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    The second stage is here with even more wonderful prizes and the ratings competition!

    Mr. Miaovello tells us that the children have dug to dark depths, and ghosts have flooded the city. And, if nothing is done with them, there will be trouble. Citizens are actively involved in feeding ghosts.

    Open the order board to get started. This can be done on the island, or by clicking on the icon on the right side of the screen:

    You will notice that 3 more cute ghosts appeared on the order board. In addition, fulfilling character orders will now also bring you seeds for fruit.

    Ghosts will need to be fed with sweets to receive blueprints and Ghost coins from them.

    Please note that the blueprints have a small building icon corresponding to the building they are for.

    Blueprints can be exchanged for rewards. Check out the rewards available on the Rewards tab:

    Don’t forget to use the blue arrows to see all the prizes available!

    To get blueprints from ghosts, you need to feed them candy. To make candy, click on the Sweetshop:

    Sweets can be made from fruit and caramel.

    Caramel can be obtained by collecting profits from the Post office.

    Another ingredient, fruit, has to be grown from seeds and to be watered.

    Different types of fruit have different requirements: you will need to wait until they grow and water them one or more times.

    Important! Very soon the players who have already received the Pirate tavern will be able to exchange the blueprints for this building to blueprints for other buildings.
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