Sands: The Grand Finale!

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Help the Genie explore his new talents: now he’s trying his hand at being a tailor and cabinetmaker! He is also actively engaged in his students’ progress! The Mummy proposes to build a storehouse for the many hand-made products Genie made, and as a result, the Oriental Museum appears in the Sands area.

Similar to the previous updates, the new updates come with new map objects that you can gain access to by completing some chain quests + promotion for a unique building.

The new promotion for the unique building is called Craft workshops.

You have 14 days to complete this challenge 

Rewards: The Tearoom (2,000 coins, 1-4 candies every 16 hours, size 7*7, can’t be sold) + 4 packs of 45 energy and 30 superbucks.

Requirements: completed or failed Glassblower shop promotion;

Once this update is published, you will notice 2 new buildings placed on the map, the Tailor’s Tent and the Carpenter’s Tent. 

In order to unlock the chain quest for the Tailor’s Tent you will need to have the following upgrades in the Sands area: Trader Tent level 4 - Apprentice’s Workbench No 1 level 2 - Jeweller’s Stall level 3 - Glassblower’s stall level 2. 

After these requirements are met, you will get the chain quest for the Tailor’s Tent.

Thimble, Scissors, Needle (each step for 24 hours)

1 step

Collect 12 Valves (Premium Cottage)

Collect 4 Fishing line reels (Shopping Center)

Collect 7 Screw wrenches (friends cities)

2 step

Collect 4 Toy koalas (Summer mansion)

Collect 43 Charms (German house and upgraded one)

Collect 7 Combs (Fashion boutique and upgraded one)

3 step

Collect 7 Cufflinks (Jewelry shop)

Collect 36 Bows (Flower kiosk and upgraded one)

Collect 26 Diamonds (Mansion)

Step 4

Ask friends for 9 Ancient books

Collect 7 Scribe compasses (Country cottage, Wooden house)

Collect 38 Spools of thread (Textile factory)

Step 5

Collect 4 Chaise lounges (Furniture factory)

Collect 6 Chairs (Family restaurant)

Collect 2 Air conditioners (Beach resort)

Step 6

Collect 6 Scotch tapes (Auto repair shop)

Collect 49 Tubes of glue (Shoe shop and upgraded one)

Collect 6 Scissors (Upgraded Flower Kiosk)

Step 7

Ask friends for 5 Amulets

Collect 5 Books (School, Valley school)

Collect 4 Magic balls (Pool parlor and upgraded one)

Step 8

Collect 3 Warm scarves (Luxury apartment)

Produce 9 lots of Printed cotton (Textile factory)

Collect 2 Luxurious fabric (Apprentice’s workbench level 2)

Step 9

Collect 6 Dresses (Tailor’s workshop)

Collect 7 Black hats (Hat boutique)

Collect 48 Buttons (Colonial House, Upgraded Colonial House)

Step 10

Produce 6 lots of Velvet (Textile factory)

Collect 4 Jackets (Tailor’s workshop)

Collect 6 Glass slippers (Cinema)

After that, you’ll receive the next chain for Carpenter’s Tent, called “Piles of Sawdust”.

Step 1

Collect 5 Chisels (Auto repair shop)

Collect 22 Planks (Cargo Port)

Collect 6 Tool kits (Shopping Center)

Step 2

Collect 7 Coffee beans (Coffee house and upgraded one)

Collect 56 Mint leaves (Convenience store and upgraded one)

Collect 3 Bottles of syrup (Candy factory - all)

Step 3

Collect 6 Light Bulbs (Electronic plant and upgraded one - Mouse)

Ask friends for 6 Neon lamps

Collect 12 Coloured lamps (Summer mansion)

Step 4

Collect 33 Spices (1-3 each time, Wok cafe and upgraded one)

Collect 5 Winterberries (Drugstore)

Collect 4 Amanitas (2 each time, Forest spirit)

Step 5

Produce 61 lots of Concrete compounds (Construction Factory)

Collect 47 Green paints (Flower kiosk and upgraded one)

Collect 5 Chair (Family restaurant)

Step 6

Collect 29 Pencils (Stationery shop and upgraded one)

Collect 11 Scribe compasses (Country cottage, Wooden house)

Collect 64 Saws (Colonial house and Upgraded one)

Step 7

Ask friends for 8 Packs of camomile tea

Collect 28 Cinnamon sticks (Bakery and upgraded one)

Produce 5 lots of Toffee apples (Candy factory)

Step 8

Collect 23 Planks (Cargo Port)

Collect 3 Strong ropes (Kindergarten)

Collect 7 Tire jacks (Auto repair shop)

Step 9

Collect 8 Olive oil (Greek house)

Ask friends for 5 Almonds butter

Collect 9 Bars of soap (Cosmetics boutique)

Step 10

Collect 3 Cut gems (Trader’s Tent)

Collect 4 Rolls of foil (Christmas kiosk)

Collect 5 Mother of pearls shells (Jewelry shop)

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    Note! Once you upgrade the Trader tent to level 4, you will also be able to access a side quest for the Museum of the East (230 coins every 6 hours, drops all the items that the museum in the City center drops, size 5*5, can’t be sold). 

    You will find the Eastern Museum east of the new buildings.

    Museum of the East:

    A modern treasury I (24h)

    Collect 22 Cups of tea (Coffee House, Upgraded Coffee House)

    Collect 3 Strong ropes (Kindergarten)

    Collect 59 Mint leaves (Convenience Store, Upgraded Convenience Store)

    A modern treasury II (24h)

    Collect 4 Protractors (Auto Repair Shop)

    Collect 2 Files with documents (City Hall)

    Collect 35 Pencils (Stationery Shop, Upgraded Stationery Shop)

    A modern treasury III (24h)

    Collect 3 Sets of shells (Sushi bar)

    Collect 37 Diamonds (Mansion)

    Produce 12 lots of Velvet (Textile Factory, Upgraded Textile Factory)

    A modern treasury IV (24h)

    Collect 4 Tool kits (Shopping Center)

    Produce 28 lots of Concrete Compounds (Construction factory, Upgraded Construction Factory)

    Collect 7 Shovels (from friends’ cities - buildings with a clock or coin)

    A modern treasury V (24h)

    Produce 19 lots of Windows (Construction factory, Upgraded Construction Factory)

    Collect 23 Trowels (Subway Station, Upgraded Subway Station)

    Collect 19 Paint rollers (Petrol Station, Upgraded Petrol Station)

    A modern treasury VI (24h)

    Collect 3 Jewelry sets (Jeweler’s stall)

    Collect 4 Crystal Balls (House with a pond)

    Collect 3 Combs (Fashion Boutique. Upgraded Fashion Boutique)

    A modern treasury VII (24h)

    Train 3 Mechanics (College)

    Ask friends for 9 Repair kits 

    Collect 16 Sensors (Water Tower, Upgraded Water Tower)

    A modern treasury VIII (24h)

    Collect 4 Paper lanterns. You can get 3 items each time (School, Valley School)

    Collect 7 Coloured bulbs (Summer mansion)

    Collect 49 Green paints (Flower Kiosk, Upgraded Flower Kiosk)

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    The new promotion is the grand finale of our Sands adventures!

    Sands: The Grand Finale!

    The Genie finds his way to the Lost City, shakes off the sands of time from it and awakens his brothers to life!

    Requirements: completed or failed the Craft Workshops promotion.

    Rewards: The Emir’s Palace (4,200 coins, 3-5 energy, 1 needed item every 20 hours, size 8*11, 30 superbucks, 4 packs of 45 energy)

    In order to unlock the recipes for the items mentioned in the promotion it will be necessary to make the following upgrades: Trader's Tent to level 5 - Upgrade Apprentice’s Workbench No 2 to level 2 - Build Apprentice’s Workbench No 3 & upgrade it to level 2 - Upgrade Jeweller’s stall to level 4 - Upgrade Glassblower’s stall to level 3 - Upgrade Tailor’s Tent to level 2 - Upgrade Carpenter’s Tent to level 2. 

    Once you upgrade your Trader's Tent to level 5, you will then be asked to fill 4 items in the Camels for the Caravan.

    Build the Lost City - the chain quest for it is unlocked by upgrading the Carpenter’s tent to level 2.

    City of Sands I (24h)

    Collect 36 Take-out boxes (Wok Cafe, Upgraded Wok Cafe)

    Collect 39 Spring Rolls (Bistro, Upgraded Bistro)

    Collect 28 Bags of Chips (Farm, Upgraded Farm - Potato)

    City of Sands II (24h)

    Collect 4 Embroidered Dressing Gowns (Tailor’s Tent)

    Collect 5 Crystal dishes (Glassblower’s stall)

    Collect 3 Bejeweled trunks (Carpenter’s Tent)

    City of Sands III (24h)

    Collect 25 Engines (Petrol Station, Upgraded Petrol Station)

    Collect 9 Wheels (Auto Repair Shop)

    Collect 35 Cabins (Subway Station, Upgraded Subway Station)

    City of Sands IV (24h)

    Collect 7 Cut gems (Jeweller’s stall)

    Collect 6 Jewelry casings (Apprentice’s workbench)

    Collect 3 Scarabs (Ancient Tomb)

    City of Sands V (24h)

    Train 4 Engineers (University)

    Ask friends for 15 Winches

    Collect 26 Ropes (Textile Factory - all, Upgraded Textile Factory - Wool, Felt, Cashmere)

    City of Sands VI (24h)

    Collect 10 Work Tools (Cargo Port)

    Collect 9 Tool Kits (Shopping Center)

    Collect 7 Sets of parts (Trader’s Tent)

    City of Sands VII (24h)

    Collect 4 Strong ropes (Kindergarten)

    Produce 19 lots of Silk (Textile Factory, Upgraded Textile Factory)

    Collect 37 Wooden Beams (Cargo Port)

    City of Sands VIII (24h)

    Collect 23 Shovels (from friends’ cities - buildings with a clock or coin)

    Collect 31 Feather dusters (Shoe Shop, Upgraded Shoe Shop)

    Collect 13 Sun Creams (Cosmetics Boutique)

    City of Sands IX (24h)

    Collect 10 Pumps (Water Tower, Upgraded Water Tower)

    Ask friends for 12 Plastic pipes 

    Collect 27 Valves (Premium Cottage)

    City of Sands X (24h)

    Produce 32 lots of Tiles (Construction Factory, Upgraded Construction Factory)

    Collect 5 Gold ingots (Apprentice’s Workbench)

    Collect 6 Ebony blocks (by completing orders in the Trader’s tent)

    City of Sands XI (24h)

    Collect 5 Lucky coins. You can get from 1 to 2 items each time (Guardian of the Valley)

    Collect 4 Books (School, Valley School)

    Collect 4 Magic 8 Balls (Pool Parlour, Upgraded Pool Parlour)

    City of Sands XII (24h)

    Collect 18 Colored Bulbs (Summer Mansion)

    Collect 31 Jasmines (Flower Kiosk, Upgraded Flower Kiosk)

    Collect 15 Air Balloons (from friends’ cities - buildings with a clock or coin)

    City of Sands XIII (24h)

    Collect 5 Cushions (Wooden house)

    Collect 3 Chaise lounges (Furniture factory)

    Produce 14 lots of Velvet (Textile Factory, Upgraded Textile Factory)

    City of Sands XIV (24h)

    Collect 27 Invitations (Stationery Shop, Upgraded Stationery Shop)

    Train 2 Architects (University)

    Collect 21 Microphones (Pub, Upgraded Pub)

    City of Sands XV (24h)

    Produce 10 lots of Toffee Apples (Candy Factory)

    Collect 12 Ring cakes (Bakery, Upgraded Bakery)

    Collect 18 Dragon Fruits (Fruit market)

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