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    Requirements: the event will be received by players level 15+


    You can see all the main rewards and details about them in the “Rewards” tab. Don’t forget to use the blue arrows to see all the rewards available for you!

    The all-new buildings are:

    •  Drakenburg Castle (4,400 coins, 3-5 energy, 2-4 candies every 20 hours, size 9*9, can be placed anywhere)

    • Chimera House (5,250 coins, 3-5 energy, 3-6 candies every 24 hours, size 7*8, can be placed anywhere)

    Note! The players who already have the old buildings from previous event cannot receive another set, they will have these building simply check-marked as received.

    The Horrific tree will drop 2-4 superbucks for 7 days after placing it on the map, just like it did in the previous year’s event as well. This will happen just for the players that get the tree now, the players who have it from last year's event got the superbucks from it last year.

    For getting the main rewards, it is necessary to gather a certain number of blueprints. 

    In order to get the blueprints, as well as other great prizes, you have to dig for treasure on the field.

    Each field contains a certain number of treasures, simple or fancy.

    You can see how many treasures the current field contains on the right side of the field.

    The simplest type of chests, the jewelry boxes, will simply pop up as soon as you dig into their slot.

    For the fancier chests you will see a flickering at the bottom of the slot and you will have to dig around to unearth the chest.

    If you scroll with the mouse over the chests, you will see how you have to dig around in order to unearth the chest with the least costs:

    On the “Treasures” tab you can see what all the chest rewards that are available for you. You have at your disposal a certain number of chests that you can open before the set of rewards resets. 

    Let’s take an example, the following Pirate chests. You have at your disposal 10 chests before the set of rewards resets:

    So, depending on your luck, you can get from this set 10 superbucks, then get again 10 superbucks from the next set!

    You can dig up chests by using shovels. The shovels can be obtained from the following City sights:

    • Thousand Skull Mansion - 1 shovel every 6 hours;

    • Pirate Tavern - 2-5 shovels every 24 hours;

    • “Creepy River” Ride - 2-5 shovels every 24 hours;

    • Lighthouse - 1 shovel every 24 hours.

    Or you can use the special offer!

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  • Diana CraciunDiana Craciun Diana CraciunComments: 236 Community Manager
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    The video tutorial for it:

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