Looking for Tropic Storm players who need a new strike group

0 Comments·Started 25 November 2019 12:38 AM
15 SHADES OF AWESOME is a level 11 strike group, we consistently place top 200 in volcano sieges , our uranium reactors are levels 32,32, and 33 (15,000 per day), our strike group victory points are 1195, we are an international strike group , we speak in English. We are seeking 3 daily players with a minimum level 55 and a minimum rank of 400. Our groups has levels, 75,71,69,69,67,66,61,61,59,57,55 and 55. So if you are a level 60-65 player who is tired of being the biggest guy in your strike group, join us, odds are that you will be fighting against the middle of our opponents group

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