Allie Force is looking for new active members to join us. Mininum level 45 with a 400 ranking. LOOK

0 Comments·Started 28 November 2019 05:43 PM
This team currently 10 members who play as a team, Checking daily update left and communicating. This level 9 battleship has been built by the said 10 members who want to get bigger and Helping each other is a huge key with this team. If you are looking for a team to join and get stronger, join Allie Force.
We Like each member to try and collect 2000 liberium every 2 weeks to build battleship. Look at Battleship and than decide. If you join, hang on with us till the team is full. We 10 Members almost make the 251 level on Volcano Siege every time. Take the Chance and join Battle group Allie Force
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