Very sad

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Hi, I am Annyelika Hidalgo ... a woman with defects and vitudes ... I have been playing this game for a while, I have been positive and I have given ideas in it, I love to decorate more than anything, but for a while here, I have been sad, because I thought you already knew me and knew how I was and how it was my 💓 I don't like hurting anyone, nor being a stumbling block to anyone, I like helping everyone, and I don't fight because others want to copy my decorations, I love give ideas and everyone enjoy them ... but a while ago I had a disappointment😞 through a misunderstanding my 💓 broke into pieces, since that time I have not been the same, I have tried to heal, but nothing is the same I do not want to say it, but I would not like to say goodbye from here, I have enjoyed decorating a lot, although sometimes not as I have wanted for lack of materials, but I try, I try to use others of old quest to replace the new ones, I wish we had other options, but sometimes it is better to swallow and not speak so that they do not grab you ill will here, I always wish everyone were happy but not me but now I want to be happy and then see how I achieve everything 😞 a little sad and disappointed I thought you knew me and I but you do not see is not so 😭
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