New Year Marathon!

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Ready for a new year and for a new marathon?

Requirements: the marathon will be received by players level 30+

There are now 4 stages at your disposal! Each stage lasts for 2 weeks, has its own requirements in terms of number of points you need to earn and also every stage has its own rating.

The rewards are:

Icelandic resort (3,600 coins, 1-4 glass baubles/daffodils, 2-3 energy every 24 hours, size 8*8, can be placed in the city center and in the snowy plateau)

Victorian Mansion (2,600 coins, 1-3 glass baubles/daffodils, 1-3 energy every 18 hours, size 7*8, can be placed in the city center, Highlands, Enchanted Valley and Snowy Plateau)

Newlyweds Hotel (3,150 coins, 2-3 glass baubles/daffodils, 1-3 energy, size 7*7, can be placed in the city center, Enchanted Valley, Highlands, Bay)

Green Villa (1,750 coins, 1 glass bauble/daffodil every 5 hours, size 5*5, can be placed in the city center, sands, Bay, can have more than one)

What is new?

Now you will be able to get marathon points for building and upgrading the Bay buildings! If you already have worked in the Bay area, you will get the points for your hard work when opening the marathon window for the first time!

Click on the quests tab to see these rewards, then click on receive  to get them

You can also earn points by:

  • sending out a fully-loaded Ship in the Bay - 2 points

  • starting a party at the Bay hotel - 5 points

  • fulfilling bonus orders in the Trader Tent - 1 point

  • sending out a fully-loaded Caravan in the Sands - from 3 to 9 depending on the level;

  • points can be received also as prizes in our regular quests!

There are 2 types of rewards for gathering marathon points: binders with blueprints and marathon cards.

In the case of binders ( example 1,2 and 4 on the screenshot) exchange the points you have for a binder with blueprints. The binder opens and inside it you can find blueprints for the prize buildings!

After gathering a certain number of blueprints, you can exchange them for a building. How many blueprints you need for each building, you can see in the “Rewards” tab under each building. 

Don’t forget to scroll using the blue arrow in order to see your progress for all the buildings! 

Example no. 3 on the screenshot is an example of gathering points for marathon cards. They are used to buy blueprints for Marathon buildings, past or present, in the Blueprints tab of the shop. For more details about this, check out our previous description:

The Marathon has its own rating for every stage. For the place in the rating you’ll receive binders with blueprints. The rating resets with every stage of the Marathon, so you are able to receive 4 rewards for the rating place during the course of a marathon. It is necessary to have at least 3 marathon points to participate in the ratings’ competition.

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